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Are you a passionate and skilled massage therapist looking to grow or start your business in an intimate, busy clinic? 
Join Body+Mind, our welcoming cooperative space, where YOUR needs come first.
At Body+Mind, we support and empower our massage therapists to excel without restrictions – offering competitive pay structures, no non-competes, and a busy, friendly atmosphere. Body+Mind is the place for you if you want to work with a diverse clientele base and grow your own massage therapy business on your terms.
Our therapists often stay for years – leaving only when moving cities or changing careers. Here’s why:
We’re a highly respected clinic in the Little Italy/Chinatown area: We take pride in our reputation as one of Ottawa's highly respected massage therapy clinics. Our commitment to excellence is recognized throughout the community, with a long list of clients that have been returning for decades.
✅ There is high demand for our services: We’re well known for our sports massage services, and our new therapists don’t spend much time with blank space in their calendars! Our clients are out hiking, biking, swimming, running, and doing all sorts of fun activities on the regular, and they rely heavily on us to tune them up on their rest days!
✅ We don’t believe in non-compete contracts: We trust in your abilities and respect your professional autonomy. You are free to expand your client base without the constraints of non-compete agreements.
✅ We offer flexible scheduling: The hours you choose to work are up to you! Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, or want a beautiful balance of both with some daytime hours, too – the choice is yours.
✅ We offer both flat fee rental and revenue split pay structures: Choose the option that suits your business best (full details below)!
✅ We’re run by an RMT: Body+Mind was founded by Rina McNairn, RMT, in 2010 after practicing as a massage therapist in a busy sports massage clinic for 9 years. You’ll be working right alongside Rina as you build your business at Body+Mind – you won’t find a more enthusiastic, encouraging clinic owner anywhere.
✅ We’re a supportive, tight-knit community: With just two rooms at Body+Mind, we keep our team small – which means you won’t ever feel like just another number. When you join Body+Mind, you join a tight-knit community of like-minded therapists who are passionate about what we do.
✅ Our facilities are top-notch: The atmosphere is unmatched in our small yet cozy clinic; it’s something you need to experience to truly understand. Our clinic is well-equipped, comfortable, and provides a premium experience for your clients.
✅ We provide everything you need including linens, laundry, on-line booking system, and lotion: Our rooms are tastefully decorated and are fully stocked with electric tables, table warmers, pillows, and music players. All you need to do is show up ready to serve your clients!
✅ We’re happy to let you trial the space: Before committing to anything long-term, you’re welcome to come try out our clinic and see if it’s the right space for you!

Hear from some of our past massage therapists: 

“Starting my career as an RMT at Body+Mind was more than I could have ever hoped for. I imagined I would work at some plain, white-walled clinic with dozens of RMTs and be just another therapist in a sea of people, but instead I found myself at Body+Mind… a small, cozy, but busy space that honestly felt like a second home very quickly. I got to know Rina really well and I can truly say I’ve never had a “boss” like her – she is beyond supportive and just the best person to work for. The clients were all amazing and I got to work on some really cool long-term cases that gave me a lot of confidence moving forward through my career. 
The only reason I left was because I moved to Toronto and let me tell you… I bounced around many Toronto clinics looking for what I had at B+M and couldn’t find it anywhere else. When I knew I was leaving, I told my RMT friend to take over my spot because it was such a dream opportunity, which she did, and left only when she moved to the other side of the country.
I would 100% recommend starting or growing your massage therapy business at Body+Mind – if I ever moved back to Ottawa, I would be begging Rina for a spot back on the team.”
Jess Haney 
“I worked several years for Rina and she is such a kind and honest individual . She is very engaging with clients and her employees, allowing for a comfortable and caring environment.  Rina has always supported her staff working at multiple clinics, which many RMTs must do to make a living.  She understands it is difficult to build a client base so she advocates for her employees when she can.  It is a wonderful place to work for any therapist and you should feel honoured to be a part of the Body + Mind family.”
Dana O'Brien

"When I heard Rina was opening her own clinic all those years ago I was very excited to join her at Body + Mind. Rina had a successful practice that I wanted to duplicate and I knew working with her would be a great learning experience. She was kind and patient and really allowed me the space to become the massage therapist I wanted to be. She was supportive and encouraging and really fun to work with. The clinic is a comfortable and welcoming space in a vibrant neighbourhood with lots of restaurants. Rina ensured I had the supplies and support I needed and she was always reliable. They have also upgraded to electric massage tables since I left that look like they would be amazing to work with.

When I was working there I also set up my own home based clinic and I was doing house calls. Eventually, I left to focus all of my energy on my home based clinic. It was hard to leave Rina and Body + Mind but Rina was very supportive and kind. I still get referrals from her when she thinks someone will fit well into my practice and I send clients to Body + Mind when I can’t fit them into my schedule or they would be a good fit with the therapists there.

I would definitely recommend Body + Mind to other therapists as it’s a lovely place to work. Rina is fair, supportive and will give you the space to be yourself."

Danielle Pratt

"I absolutely loved working at Body+Mind. Working with Rina and the team was everything I could have asked for. The clinic has a laid-back, positive dynamic and allowed me to grow my practice quickly. I left to move out of province, but would highly recommend Body+Mind to anyone."
Kathy Thayer

How our compensation structure works:

You get to choose between paying a flat-fee rent for your space, or a per-massage split with a cap.
Flat-fee rent: This is often the best choice for massage therapists with an established client base! Depending on the number of days and hours you commit to the clinic, you will pay a flat-fee rent each month and retain 100% of all massages 
Per-massage split: This is often the best choice for massage therapists without an established client base! The starting split is 70/30 — 70% of the fee goes to you, and 30% goes to the clinic, until the first billing threshold is met each pay period (twice per month). Once you meet the first threshold, the split moves to 75/25 where you retain 75% of the fee and the clinic receives 25% until the second threshold is met. Once the second threshold is met, you retain 100% of all massage fees for the remainder of the pay period. Thresholds will vary based on the number of days/hours you commit to the clinic.
As your business grows, you can choose to switch from one compensation structure to another!
Submit your application to join the Body+Mind team! 
Please send your resume to Rina at rina_mcnairn@yahoo.com and she will reach out to set up an interview and tour of the clinic. 
We look forward to receiving your application and supporting you as you build your massage therapy business at Body + Mind! 
Questions? Feel free to reach out to Rina at rina_mcnairn@yahoo.com