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Our philosophy

body + mind - sports massage therapy uses a logo that features the Japanese Enso symbol which represents "a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create".  At our clinic we aim to connect the mind to the body by releasing the tissue through deep massage techniques, creating a harmony between the body and mind.

Healthy body = healthy mind and vice versa.

We believe that when we relieve the pain, tightness, knots from your body it frees the mind to concentrate on more productive things.  That's why on top of our great massage techniques we provide a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can check your stress at the door.  It is our hope that by the time you leave the clinic you will be able to face the world refreshed and balanced.

Meet our Team

Rina McNairn - Owner (RMT and A.R.T trained)


Rina is an experienced and passionate massage therapist. She began her full time professional career at a busy sports clinic in January of 2001.  Since then she has had incredibly meaningful experiences volunteering for two medical treks in Nepal where she was looking for new limits and challenges.

This life-changing experience inspired her to open her own massage therapy business.  Her dream came true in August of 2010 when she opened Body + Mind - Sports Massage Therapy Clinic with the manifest to bring a warm, healing experience to her clients. 

Mengyuan (Jenny) Zhao (RMT)

Jenny grew up in the Ottawa region, and completed an honours BSc in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa.  Her interest in human movement and performance motivated her to continue her education in massage therapy, osteopathy, and neurofunctional acupuncture.
Jenny enjoys working with individuals to find function within their capabilities, and obtain comfort within their own bodies.
Outside of work, Jenny enjoys exploring nature and food, meeting all the dogs in town, and the occasional sports game.

Emily Desmarais (RMT, Reiki Master, CST1, VM1, Cupping, Aquatic Rehabilitation Specialist, Health and Wellness Partner)


 Emily started her journey of studies in Health Science at Algonquin College where she confirmed her desire to learn more about the human body. Moving to Brampton the following year led her to complete a three year Athletic Therapy program where she gained valuable experiences working with high-school football and wrestling athletes.  She then continued her studies in North York where she graduated from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in 2015.

Since then, Emily has treated people with diverse needs across Ontario for just over six years and has worked with professional and amateur athletes, Motor Vehicle Accident injuries, and a variety of clients dealing with chronic pain, including children, pre/post natal mothers, and those dealing with average day-to-day injuries.

Emily thrives at meeting new people and hearing their stories.  Getting to know her clients is a priority for Emily so she can provide the ultimate care.  Emily starts her treatments with an in-depth initial postural and verbal assessment to help her get to the root of the injury.  She then digs into her "toolbox" of varied techniques and disciplines to customize a treatment plan to match that clients needs.  No treatment is ever the same because for Emily, bodies are constantly adapting and as they do, she tailors her approach to respond to each client, and each visit.

Emily has been practicing energy work her whole life, which she finds very helpful for anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. 

Deep tissue massage has been her go-to form of treatment and getting the knots out is her motto!  She also can use visceral manipulation, cupping and cranial sacral therapy techniques.

As you can see, Emily's mission is to help as many people as possible to live a pain-free life.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys being active in dance, hiking, running, martial arts and fitness training.  She has hiked the Machu Pichu trek in Peru and loves to travel to new adventures around the world.  An avid animal lover, she also enjoys spending her downtime with her beautiful rescue dog that she loves to run and walk with.  

Vada Cavanaugh, (RMT) 

Vada brings an impressive 18 years of experience as an RMT in Ottawa, practicing since 2005.

In her practice, Vada employs a range of modalities, including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and Chinese Cupping. This diversity allows her to craft personalized treatments, ensuring that each session is tailored to meet her clients' specific health goals, regardless of their activity levels.

Vada is not just a passive participant in your healthcare journey; she believes in being proactive to keep you active, injury-free, and pain-free in your day-to-day work and play. Her commitment to customization extends to addressing postural imbalances causing chronic pain, treating rotator cuff issues, tackling neck pain (chronic or acute), and collaborating with clients to maintain optimal health in preparation for events.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Vada is an avid camper who finds solace in nature. This passion for the outdoors complements her dedication to promoting well-being and balance in her clients' lives. Vada likes to keep fit hiking, binking and running.


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Questions? Contact the clinic with any questions about how this might be beneficial to your health management. Email us at rina_mcnairn@yahoo.com.